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Enrollment for the 2024-2025 School Year and Summer Semester is under way!  We cannot wait to welcome you to TGR!

Welcome to TGR!


For over 20 years...

The Growing Room has taken a very purposeful approach to planning the learning environment for our students ages 2.5 to 5 years. The excellent early childhood educators work to make each area of the classroom an inviting place where our students can learn to make good decisions and work well with others. Our goal is to foster meaningful learning and social emotional growth in our students while making TGR a fun place to be.


Why Begin at 2.5?

TGR is a mixed age preschool serving 2.5-5 year olds! But why 2.5?

At the Growing Room Preschool, we embrace the unique readiness and enthusiasm of children who are two and a half years old, rather than waiting until three years old like most traditional preschools. We believe that 2.5-year-olds are not only ready to play but also eager to engage in more sophisticated learning, autonomy and discovery. At this tender age, children are filled with curiosity about the world and begin to form a sense of where they belong within a community. Our loving, mixed-age classroom environment nurtures these young explorers, allowing them to be gently guided and inspired by older peers. The transformation is heartwarming and magical, as these "little ones" blossom into confident, caring leaders, embraced by the support and mentorship of their classroom family.


Our Golden Rule:


At TGR, we believe that the most important thing we can help instill in a child is the idea that Kindness is a foundation for all motivations.  We carefully encourage and foster our preschoolers' natural instincts to show others kindness and respect!  It becomes a part of our daily dialogue about how to treat others and ourselves.  This can be seen through multiple community service projects, our annual Kindness March and daily life! Because… Kindness Matters!

Contact Us

TGR Offices:

3219 Brotherton Road Cincinnati, OH 45209

TGR Madeira:

7754 Camargo Rd #8 Cincinnati, OH 45243


TGR Montgomery:

7781 Cooper Road Cincinnati, OH 45242


TGR Oakley Campus:

Oakley Brotherton: 3215 Brotherton Road Cincinnati, OH 45209

Oakley Madison: 3180 Madison Road Cincinnati, OH 45209


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